Working with the Grid Builder

Grid Builder for The Procreate App

Today I want to share my opinion about the Grid Builder. Therefore Ian Barnard and Stefan Kunz created this Add-On for all the handlettering dudes because they want to get their lettering work in a more consistent way. The Grid Builder is available for Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Procreate, a Font with theses grids and a lot more. Even the user is able to download and print the grids on paper to lettering by pen and paper. I used the Grid Builder for the Procreate App. They designed 35 brushes, the Procreate user draw this directly on the canvas with the Apple Pen.

The first step is setting up the grid with different brushes. So you are able to use for every word you want to letter one grid. Now these grids can be edited in its size just by scaling up or down the tip of the brush and the alignment.

Do all of this in a separated layer, which you can set invisible after the drafting process. Also you are able to decrease the transparency of the grids and get these lighter so you get more focus on your lettering.

I think all lettering enthusiasts, pros and beginners will get some positive affects of this Add-On. You may use it for one word letterings or huge lettering compositions with a load of words. Even if you use it just to get your lettering in a good shape it is very useful and it’s a great timesaver.

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