Book with fancy lettering examples

Hi folks,

this post is just for letting you know about one book full of cool lettering impressions.

I use this book: The ABC Of Custom Lettering: A Practical Guide to Drawing Letters quite often, to get inspired for Read more


New font near completion

Hey folks,

in the next day I will release my new script font; I haven’t a name already… Think it will be a great font to use in different ways. Have a look at the letters: Don’t they look Read more


iMessage stickers available

Hey there,

great news: my stickers for the iOS messenger app are now available on the iTunes store. They are awesome and make texting more emotional!!! If you’re keen enough have a look at them: Speak Stickers! on iTunes

Read more


Back again

Hi, I’m back from holiday now, so I will return to design some new stuff. Also I will resume to my rolled ink texture next week. Just show you some new stuff out of the studio…


Video: Handlettering „Ghost“

Watch my new video in which i write the word „Ghost“ with a pentel fudepen.